• January 2023: We are looking for a research assistant to help on the ENDOW project this summer! The RA will compile a range of geospatial datasets to complement the data being gathered by ENDOW team members. We’re supported by the Santa Fe Institute’s Emergent Political Economies program. The RA will be based at the Santa Fe Institute, and supervised by Eleanor Power. Details on the post and submission portal can be found here. Deadline for applications is March 31, 2023.

  • August 2022: We have secured additional funding for the ENDOW project! Very grateful to the Human Networks and Data Science program and the Cultural Anthropology program for support for further fieldwork for ENDOW.

  • November 2020: ENDOW team members Eleanor Power and Daniel Redhead, along with Caterina De Bacco have been awarded a UKRI Economic and Social Research Council Research Methods Development Grant to gather an interdisciplinary team of network scientists to develop new latent network models that can deal with the messiness and noisiness of social network data – like what we have with ENDOW!